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Love it, but...

I honestly just go to this app on my free time, but I’ve noticed something I would basically need added. 1. Please have us put on settings things such as: - Lactose intolerant - Food allergies - Gluten free - Diabetic - Sugar free - Healthy recipes - Vegan recipes - Etc... This is just so we can have recipes we can actually EAT in the homepage. 2. Another thing that would be nice is to be able to refresh the homepage just like in YouTube and have it tailored to stuff we like

Pretty good

I love the app. Great and easy recipes. One thing I would like to see is an allergen filter. That would make the app exceptional.

great app buttt

i love this app they show delicious recipes and it helps you try new things but the only thing i would add is the amount of calories in their dishes for people who are trying to lost weight.

Please fix this!

So, I just updated Tasty, and I’m not happy with it. I don’t know if anyone else had this problem, but whenever I save a recipe to my favorites, it disappears! I’ve added several recipes 3 to 4 times, but they always disappear. Please fix this, because I love this app otherwise.😐

Still good to get

Love the app , but I don’t like the fact that every time I go on there the same recipes pop up every time . I thought it would be more like a Pinterest thing and reveal new recipes every time I try to load it and stuff but it’s not . I do like the fact that I can search anything but I feel that in some ways the app is limited ...

Great app!

Love this app, many recipes are available and you can save each recipe you come across! It even categorized the recipes you save. The only problem I have with the app is that for some reason, after a period of time, the recipes I save become unsaved. I’d like to be able to go back to recipes I’ve kept for a while, in which I don’t remember all the recipes I’ve saved (considering I save what looks good and move on). So if this can be fixed or if it’s a problem on my end that I can get a suggestion for fixing, then I’d definitely give this app 5 stars!

What to love about the app

Don’t get me started on how convenient this app is the recipes are so easy to follow.They have just about anything you can think of from giant cinnamon rolls to churro’s. I also like how they give you step by step easy instructions

Wonderful ❤️

It’s beautifully laid out and is great for inspiration. It has quick and easy to follow directions with a variety of different choices.

Great for normal people

I have issues with many recipe apps because most recipes call for one or two random things that are expensive, difficult to substitute, and/or hard to find. Or they claim to be “easy” or “only 30 minutes”... which may be true for chefs or very practiced cooks, but not for normal people who just want new recipes to try. Tasty actually has doable recipes with things most people have on hand. There are of course more difficult or obscure recipes, but most of them are straightforward and geared toward people who don’t have a crazy amount of experience in the kitchen but also aren’t totally green. I seriously check this app every day hoping for new recipes. 😋 My only complaint is that you can’t organize the recipe books yourself. If you save a recipe, it automatically gets filed in “dinners” or “desserts” or whatever, which can make it a little harder to track down a particular recipe.

Awesome app, but needs new feature:

This app is my go-to, but I would love it even more if it showed the nutrition facts on recipes, especially the recipes branded as “healthy”. Even a simple calorie count would be great.

Tasty recommendations

I love this app so much I use it all the time! The recipes are all so easy but so good! Only thing I would add is a section for each recipe with calories and macros! Although I could do this myself with the ingredients, I think that it would be a nice touch, even if it was just approximate!

12+ rating??

Why is this rated 12+?! I have never seen any inappropriate content on this app. I have my son’s phone set to restrictions and he isn’t able to have this app. Yet other games are allowed because their rating isn’t as high, but should be! Ugh so frustrating.

It Is Okay I Geuss

Some people don’t have a Facebook account or a phone number and there is no create your account

Compatible with Android Soon?

I love this app! I currently have it on a apple device, I just wish it was compatible with androids too. I’d love to have it on my phone.


Wonderful recipes and easy to do

Tasty is AWESOME

I LOVE TASTY it is an amazing app, easy to use and has sooo many great features and recipes that anyone can follow whether you are a beginner or a professional chef this app will be helpful. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys cooking or baking as well as anyone who wants to learn!!! 5 stars to Tasty from me!!!

delicious recipes

lots of variety of easy recipes to make. video demonstrations of most of the recipes so you don’t get confused cooking. makes cooking for beginners healthy and fun!

My best friend!

I was so happy to see the tasty app on the AppStore! I religiously watch tasty videos! I’m glad to be able to find great recipes easier! ❤️❤️

Get it CRACKIN’!!!!

Just got my IPad two weeks ago and the first app I looked for was TASTY!!!!!!!!!!! I was so disappointed and then just when I thought y’all dropped the ball........UNTIL.......it came on a few days ago!!!!!!!! Thank you......Now I need you guys to do is to restock on the cooktop!! Get it crackin’ my favorite go to app❤️💚💙

Very good

I really love buzzfeed tasty and all the things they do but if you are trying to watch your weight as well as you caloric and fat intake this is not the app for you so for I have not been able to find the nutritional values of any of the recipes and as a person trying to lose weight the app makes it virtually impossible

Love this! Do Nifty!

I love TASTY! I already did two recipes! Your chocolate No-Bake cheesecake and your 3 ingredient brownie! Today I was browsing on YouTube some of your Nifty Hacks for small living room and small apartment and thought: "Wouldn't it be amazing if Nifty had an app like Tasty does?" At least I haven't found anything like that.. If I see it in the App store or Google Play, I'll Install immediately!! Thank you doing this great work!!


Amazing recipes! and they are very specialized to your liking if you don’t like one recipe there’s hundreds of more! Live this app is amazing to plan my good for the week!!!


It has a verity of recipes to make, and it is very easy to follow along with. It offers a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. You can search for what you want to make, or you can just browse through the menu. It works great.

It’s a great App to use if you want to cook.

Looking at the videos tasty has showed I always wanted to cook something from them. I made a BBQ Quesadilla and it was delicious! I’m not very good at reviewing but this app I HAD to put my thoughts on. Try it out! It’s better than ordering out I can tell you that.


I love y’alls recipes they are so amazing


The app is well designed and I love how organized I can have all the recipes. It’s so nice being able to search for specific recipes or just browse for inspiration.

Tasty App

I love it so much and it’s wonderful I care about the Food that they make Thank you Tasty App Love You!!!

Good app

I recommend this app, it helps me look fore healthy food and expand my eating horizon since I’m picky.

It should be called yummy delicious magnificent

It shouldn't be called tasty it should be called yummy delicious magnificent eggxellent get it anyway the point is this food is disgusting just joking it’s delicious I think lol


I love tasty!

Waaaay cooler than I thought

I cook a lot and could not be more pleased to have found this app. Seriously, Tasty you are a life saver when it comes to dinner. I can single out what I need by what I have in my fridge and I can tel right away if it vegan or vegetarian!! Thank you!

Great app

I love this app! I love the videos and step by step!


I love this app. Very helpful recipes


Honestly it does not lag! No bugs it’s truly 5 stars!!! Recipes have helped me so much!!!


I’ve become almost completely dependent on this app to feed myself. I’ve been trying recipe after recipe and have saved enough recipes to last me at least a month. All in all this app is definitely a life changer in the way I cook and eat.



Rating for tasty

I love it really good ideas!!!!

In love with this App!

I love the design, content and ease of use. The video tutorials are spot on. I’m literally entertained while learning and being inspired to create something delicious to share with others. Brilliant! Chi-miigwech! (Thank You)


It’s so amazing it tells you how to cook step by step.Download it you never regret it

Loved it!

This was amazing. I had little ones helping so it wasn’t as neat and precise but still delicious!

Love it!!

I love the app! Just wish it had a kosher tab too!


The ability to favorite and organize easy to follow and clear recipes is amazing. Seeing comments and tips from other users is great as well. Only possible improvement is to add calorie estimates for each serving size for a meal.

I enjoy this app!

So, my mother and sister are both vegetarians and I struggle to find recipes that I can cook for everyone. When I first opened this app it gave me the option of only having vegetarian recipes or having all of them. I found this nice to know that I could find good recipes that work for everyone.


I’ve had this app for a while now, probably close to a year and this is now the second time the app has lost my favorites. Annoying

Great delicious recipes made easy

This is my goto recipe site for something to whip up on a daily basis. Recipes are easy to follow, delish and nutritious. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love it!

I simply love this app. When I’m looking for something different and interesting I turn to Tasty. They have every kind of recipe. No matter what your experience level is as a cook, you can create delicious meals. The videos are amazing!!!

One of my favorite apps

I can’t tell you how much I love this app. I love that the videos are quick, easy and illustrate the entire process for me from start to finish. I’m a visual learner and I have ADHD, so it is almost impossible for me to concentrate on how to videos where someone spends most of the time talking. With this, I’ve been able to follow each video and make the recipes successfully. I have this on every single Apple product attached to my iCloud account!

Great app

Anything I want to cook it’s here on this app and easy to cook. Love it!!!!!


H A yvdx aaw Sa is

Love love ❤️

This is an really amazing app I am so going to make some of this stuff

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