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The best

The best food recipe app ever


Why isn’t it compatible with an iPad? Other than that, the app is pretty is good.

Love it but...

It’s a great app but I wished they added the calories and serving size for all of there recipes

Best app ever!!!

Easy ways to make food without using the stove🤗

Awesome app

Tasty has filled my heat in with cooking I wasn’t good before till I saw tasty now can cook well.


This app makes my cooking life easier!! Love it..

Why no music??????

I love to watch the videos but would be better with some music or something

Love it, but it could use some work

Thisislexi2 has great ideas that I totally agree with! But I think that as well as a search in My Recipes, when you go to settings there should be a categories tab with filters that I had named. For example, if I can’t remember the name of a recipe I could just go to settings and click the categories tab and a list of things like ‘4th of July Ideas’, ‘Halloween Recipes’, or ‘General’ that I had named myself would appear (and emojis must be allowed!). Okay, I think it’s best if I do it below. 1. Settings: Autoplay Videos etc etc Categories 2. Categories: Halloween Recipes🎃👽👹👺👻☠️💀 4th of July🇺🇸⚔️🇬🇧 Snacks for a Random Day... 3. 4th of July: Red, White, and Blue Froyo Pops 4. Watch the video!! Please, please, please, PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSE make this happen along with Thisislexi2’s ideas!!!!!

I love it

I watch all of the videos online, I love the app it makes trying these recipes at home

Tasty is it.

So far I’ve enjoyed numerous recipes and never complained once nor my family.


Such amazing detail and recipes to easy not to be excited about keep it up.

Pretty good

Instead of a shop our picks tab can we get a more like this tab? Sorting and searching within favorites would be good too. A comment section.


This app is awesome! The videos are fun and relaxing to watch, and the recipes are great! I like how they have different categories on the main page of the app, but I would like to see a “picked for you” category, based on the videos that you watch and save. I know this would take some effort, but it would make the app so much better. Also, PLEASE come out with a comment section, to rate the recipes and let people know that you’ve tried them! I’ve made some not-so-great recipes on this app, and I would like to share my cooking experience with others. Overall, this is a really great app!

I love it

I love it because you can see so many things like different Brekkes different stop.

Great so far!

Simple and easy to use. Much more convenient than sending myself Facebook messages with links to videos 👍


This app has helped me tremendously where I am able to make some good ribs. I appreciate this app and I am grateful for it.


The best app ever

Great app for recipes and cooking but could be a bit better

This is one of my favorite apps to Find new recipes to make they have a lot of great recipes that I really love however there are a few things that I would change to make it better 1. Have a review section for recipes Often times I’m not sure how a recipe will turn out until I have made it would be nice to see what other people thought about the recipes they could rate 1-5 stars leave comments tips and suggestions on how two make it better 2. Offer alternative cooking method A lot of your dishes that look really good are. Unfortunately they are deep fried and while that is fine once in a while it would be nice to show how to bake that same recipe 3 allow the user to make a customized home page It would be nice if we could tailor the homepage to show us what we like based on our Searches and saved recipes

Always Dank

Love the app :)


Love all your recipes. Easy meal making!! Perfect for entertaining guess and especially my family 👍🏼😀😀😀

Saved recipes

I went to look up a recipe I wanted to make and all of my saved ones were gone 😿🙀

Wait, We need to PAY?!?!

I am a new apple user and recently came across this app. At first, I actually thought it was a game but when I looked at the photos, I got it. Anyways back to this app, so when I downloaded it and got it again (It kept crashing and stuff) and said that since I purchased it and that I can get it any time I want. I was actually scared cause I am not allowed to purchase stuff without permission. So this is why I am asking

Good stuff

I read many Recipes on the Tasty website… Some don’t appeal to me, some appear to be good, some are great! I think that’s true with any variety of food recipes. I’m enjoying what you post and I’m choosing recipes I love. Thanks for the great variety, TASTY!


I love Tasty. It's a fun app that's great for Meal ideas. Only draw back? It makese hugry!


I love this app, but I would like it more if you could organize the videos you save so they could be easier to find when you're trying to make a specific recipe.

Cooking done Easy

Let’s face it. I am not a great cook. But Tasty makes cooking so straight forward and so easy, that even I can do it. Written instructions, along with a video (which is helpful when you need to see the difference between things like creaming or mashing your food) make it simple. There are lots of easy or fast recipes if you’re like me and want something that tastes good without a lot of effort. But there’s also complex or many-ingredient recipes if you like to try new things.

It’s the best app ever!!!

If want to make something last second you can because it tales quick


Fun, easy recipes that taste fabulous 💕

Could be a great app but no nutritional facts.

Great website but app needs some work. No nutritional information on any recipe. If your dieting or diabetic, good luck!

Broken recipes

The recipes I’ve tried have come out disproportionate and never work out And the cuisines aren’t sorted right you have food from a Chinese origination in Japanese and Vietnamese and Japanese it takes no time to research and fix this


I love trying new foods and I came across “Tasty” on YouTube but this app is incredibly convenient! It’s so much easier to browse for recipes. This app has helped make cooking feel more of an adventure than a chore! Thanks!! (This morning I tried the cinnamon apple ring pancakes, delicious!)

I love this app

So many great food that you cook your self awesome

Love this app

I have already tried several recipes on this app and have never been let down. I absolutely love this app.

In love

I love this app. 😍

Crunchy taco ring

This app is great. Really like the quick videos of the meal.

Look and cook 👍🏼

Fantastic ! helps inspire , and accomplish cooking and serving good meals .

Best recepie APP

So amazing, it's perfect. So many things to choose from. Love

So great

I love this app it’s super handy for when you need to cook something and fun to bing watch the videos

Great app!

I love the app! So many great recipes and everything is easy to follow; although, it would be nice to have some nutritional info listed such as calories, protein, fats, and carbs so I can see at a quick glance if it’s a suitable option or not.


Thanks Tasty, I have learnt and made loads of stuff from your recipes. Couldn’t have pulled through some tiring dinner times without some of your mouth watering quick fixes. Keep it up.

Thank Goodness for this app!

I’m not the best or knowledgeable around the kitchen I must admit, but this app is amazing and really helps me feel confident that I can actually make something good. Love it

Best App

I love this app!! So easy and awesome recipes!


I just love looking at cooking videos so this is perfect for me

Same recipes I see on Facebook

I would like to see the same recipes on the app as I do on Facebook. App doesn’t have very many.

Easy recipes to follow!

I love this recipe. I’ve tried a few recipes so far and they are tasty 😋. Also I love how each recipe has step by step video slides to watch as you compete each step of the recipe. So it makes it very easy to follow the recipe.

Taste review

Lots of easy quick fun recipes 👌

Amazing tasty

Tasty is amazing it gives you a ton of delicious recipes but the part I like the most is DESSERTS Sincerely @valentinawirtz

Yummy recipes

I cook dinner every night for 3 of us. Every recipe has been really good. Also the videos are an easy way to learn them.


I came across this app by accident and I’m glad that I did! So nice to watch the recipe unfold, I’ve told several people about the App!

Great and Easy to use!

Really easy to use! And the recipes are so easy to follow! love this app

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