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Love Tasty

Easy recipes that are realistic and absolutely “Tasty”. Simple recipes for a busy mom with kids and a demanding career. The videos are awesome and allow me to plan for my meals and try new dishes .

Best app For Foods

I love the Foods I tried it was so GOOD 😍🍟🍿🍍🍉🍓🥐

Requires Facebook or your Phone #

Disappointed I can’t save any recipes unless I log in with Facebook (don’t have, don’t want) or my PHONE #!!!!! NEVER giving my number.


I have gotten a lot of amazing recipes from this site and they are great

Love it

Super helpful an I love almost everything about it 🦄😁😍🙃🙂😇😊🦄


I’d pay $0.99 to never see these adds again. Great recipes and great app ruined by the ads.

Ads app now

Use to be great but need to uninstall now. Littered with ads all the time now

Remove the ads

Love the app just don’t love the YouTube ads........Or ads in general

What should I cook?

That’s the question I ask myself at least once a week. What would I do without the Tasty App! And most importantly, they make it easy to follow. I give you five stars.

Needs more

Maybe it’s new but there’s not a lot of recipes.


I used to use this app all the time until recently they decided to include ads to every video ranging from 15 to 30 seconds! On top of that, I’ve ran into many situations where the ads don’t even play so I can see how to cook the meal!

Its great.

I think I’ll actually get in the kitchen and start making actual recipes. Easy to follow, love the tips and pictures.

I love this app

This app is so amazing i have found so many recipes to use in my cooking and baking best food so ever.

Easy delicious meals

Tasty has a lot of easy and simple recipes to make at home.Very creative and imaginative in meal preparation.Had some options for a healthy yet delicious meal.

ADS!! I used to like this app. Ruined by ads.

I used to be obsessed with this app and then suddenly I opened it today and OF COURSE they had to ruin the app with Ads, like every other app. Pathetic what all these companies will do for more money. Ruined a great app.

I love the app!!

I LOVE TASTY A LOT BUT... there are a lot of ads before the video and I get annoyed so that’s what I HATE about the app but I love all the recipes!!

Great App...BUT

I absolutely LOVE this app! I’m a wife and a mother of three who is always pressed for ideas that I couldn’t dare come up with on my own! BUT, PLEASE, I beg you, do not start with the forced ads during video tutorials. Please.

Why the ads?

Hate that there are so many ads now—it’s ruined the app for me! Otherwise, I really enjoy it. Easy to find, follow, and save recipes based on dietary restrictions! It makes cooking for my family and I so easy :-) but the ads really detract from it!! It would be a perfect 5 without them!!!


They have ads now before literally every video and it’s frustrating


I love love love this app. It has so many good recipes, very user and cook friendly. The only addition I'd like to see is nutrition facts. Trying to be low carb and use these recipes would be so easy if carbs calories and sugars were listed!

Love the app not the ads

I love this app! But I hate the ads, I would definitely pay some money to never watch another one if the option ever becomes available.

One good app

Everything’s tasty

Best app

I love that tasty has so many different kinds of foods and millions off recipes!! It’s definitely helped me out when my husband got sick of eating the same thing over and over!! I appreciate you guys!


The app Tasty is so spectacular!!!!! It has everything from American food to Chinese!! It has so many things that a 13-year-old could ever want to make!! I absolutely love the app and it’s perfect for all theses home cooks or bakers!! I highly recommend it!!! 😊😘🙂🤩😎

Cooking delicious

I love to cook new and tasty recipes. I’m happy ti find foods that do not require meats or heavy dairy.

Ads, Ads, and more Ads

Used to be my favorite app. Now the ads make it impossible to enjoy.


When I first got this app there where no ad’s before or after the video, and now there is and you can’t skip it. Annoying

Why the 30-second ads?

I loved this app until it started requiring I watch 40-second ads before seeing the video of a recipe. What gives??

Cinnamon roll

Made them absolutely delicious


Tasty is the best cooking and bake inn app every

Tasty Is So Amazing!!!

I LOVE TASTY!!! It is anywhere from helping me prep my meals for the week to making tasty desserts. It’s not like there are easy free videos but bad food, everything is delicious!! I absolutely LOVE tasty and it has saved me so many nights having dinner at 8:30 because it took so long to make it. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Super helpful, fun, & easy!

I love this app so so much. I've been eating vegetarian for a while and now vegan. This gives me so many vegan friendly recipes that I had no clue about. I get excited to cook for my boyfriend and I. And I just love how creative these recipes are. Thank you!💛

Love hate

I have a love hate relationship with Tasty. I love the step by step videos, but if you have a restricted diet, there isn’t much for you here. I would love to see more gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegetarian paleo recipes.

Ads Ads Ads

Good but has lots & lots of Ads, fairly annoying!


I used to really like the app And now y’all have commercials I get you need to make money But the commercials NEVER load on me or my dads phone so we never get the freaking video it’s honestly pretty much just trash now, I’m probably gonna delete it I can’t look at any of the videos to see how it turns out or anything like that Actually making the recipe was a lot easier when you can follow it now it’s just pointless I can find these recipes on Pinterest or online that’s where it seems they’re taken from it’s a shame it was a great app

Love this app-GOD SEND

Easy just do it


Great but I would like if I could put my saves into folders


Recipes that fit all my wants and needs👍🏽👍🏽

It’s so lit

Can’t get off this app

Great App... until they started adding ADS!!

I am tastys #1 fan! The dishes are great, easy and the instructions are fool proof! There is so much variety. I can type in a few ingredients I have in the kitchen and find a amazing dinner. With that being said, in recent weeks, there have been an influx of ads on the tasty videos. I understand there is bills to be paid but... bruh! EVERY SINGLE 56 SECOND VIDEO HAS A 30 SECOND AD! I still love the app but can we get a skip every now and then?!

Step by step.

Love this format. It takes you from ingredients to plate in a simple straightforward manner. The only drawback is by the time the instructive video is done I’m starving. ;-)

Tasty !!!

Tasty to watch & tasty new ways to cook!!! Very great app for visual learners.

What happened?

I love this app but now I have ads before them and it will just take forever to load. Please fix this!

Best cookies I’ve made

I followed a cookie recipe and they came out good I won the bake sale and I was asked to make my family’s thanksgiving desserts so I thank you tasty

It WAS great...

As an avid user and lover of tasty, I would have given a 5 star rating! Unfortunately, after the update they started using commercials and advertisements before showing the step by step video that I love! I understand that it is financially in the best interest of tasty. However, they should alerted you that the update would have these annoying pop-ups or not have them at all! Also I would love to see more “meal-prep” ideas. All in all, still giving them a 4 out of 5.


Great recipes, easy to follow, love the app.

Get rid of the advertisements please!!

You guys had me. Constantly checking out the app, saving recipes, trying new ones, following on fb, the whole nine. And then guess what happened. I open the app to check out a new video and I get an ad. Then I open another video and it’s the same thing. You’ve got your cook line with Walmart and endorsement deals from all over. PLEASE get rid of the ads. PLEASE. Don’t be like the others. Because if I have to deal with an ad on every video, I’ll just move along to another cooking community.


Porfavor pongan elección de idiomas almenos del español porfavor y gracias, además de eso la app está súper buena

Best Recipe App!!!

Love this app!

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