Tasty App Reviews

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Best app so far

I’m vegetarian love their recipes specially most of them are kids friendly

Cellular data is used when on Wi-Fi

Tasty somehow managed to use 1.4GB of cellular data being connected to Wi-Fi. This reminds me a bug in iOS 6 and Podcast app.

Great Recipes!

As long as you have the right ingredients, this app will always be helpful. Truly deserves 5 stars!

Amazing app

I love everything about this app besides pork🤮

iPad support PLEASE!

Love the app, but would be amazing if it supported the iPad too!

Love Tasty!

I’ve used recipes from Tasty and I love them all! A trustworthy source of recipes. Recommendation: Please add a way to organize different recipes by allow us to make collections. That way I can find my recipes easier.


I love the app it easy and amazing


Dear Tasty, You all have inspired me to cook all the time I love all of your recipes and I am only 13 and love to cook I made the mini s’more cups and pizza bombs and more all of your food is good. Thank you

Problems with app

I have enjoyed this app ever since I heard about it but lately I haven't been able to see any of the food or desserts or anything and I got logged off is there any way to get this fixed?


Best Mug cake ever


I want to eat everything!!! I love this site I look at it for hours!!! I’ve made a few of the dishes and they came out great!!!!!

Good App

I’m a young cook and I like the recipes on the app. However, I would love this app if we were able to organize our likes. I also hope that in the future there would be an option in settings to have the music automatically on.

Yum! Amazing

LOVE! This app! All of the recipes you love to watch on social media in one easily searchable place! Highly recommend


This is mouth watering and tasty!

Super easy and fun!

Recipes are easy and fun to make. Let’s not forget delicious! Love this! Very helpful too.❤️

Love it

When I downloaded the app I didn’t expect to really be able to make any of the recipes or have any of the ingredients. I love this app my family loves we’re not eating the same boring meals and I’m excited to come home and cook and my kids are eating vegis that they swore they didn’t like

Best app

I love to cook and these recipes always tempt me to put my apron 24/7! I like how there’s a category of foreign foods, but might I suggest that you guys add Israeli food? That would be fun to have.

Perfect cookbook

Great recipes. Simple and delicious.

Me encanta

Muy buena e hecho muchas recetas de aquí

Mmmmmmmmmmm delicious:)

There’s amazing recipes! The recipes really work! I would love to see more 3 ingredient easy making recipes ! I tried the mug cake and it was amazing! Great job! Keep up the great work and recipes:)

Love it

I love this app!! I mad several recipes and they turned out PERFECT!! I totally recommend it!!

Pure awesomeness in this app

Their recipes are so easy to go by. The outcome is flippin amazing!!! Switched from Pinterest recipes to this, and I’m diggin my decision 😋


This app is amazing. I’m only a 14 year old, but this app is amazing. Whenever I want to make a meal or a quick and easy snack, there is always something there for me to make. All the recipes are also really easy to follow with a video guide to help. 5 Stars

Love Tasty

I am a hugh food lover this app is my best friend with all the different recipes they have to offer and foods to put together just love it


Umm how do I say this but I .... Really like this app! Thank you guys for making this it taught me to go and bake bake bake!! Also I like how you guys show vids and stuff like that and what interesting ingredients you use!👍👌

Love it

I love this app it is very helpful I use it a lot


This is a great recipe app because it gives you healthy recipes.


Hi, I have just begun my way to healthier eating. This app has allowed me to try hundreds of new meals that fit what I like and don’t like!!! It also allows me to have healthy snacks and the occasional non healthy snack😉

Start all over

I have been on this app for about five months now all my favorites are gone and I have to start over. Not happy.

Love it!

This app is so great. I give it five stars because it is very fast, interesting, and there are new recipes everyday! This is my go-to app. Whenever I’m bored, I just go on Tasty and I’m instantly engaged. One recommendation I have for you is turn off your cellular data for this app, because it uses a ton! I’ve used it so much, most of the “new” recipes on here I’ve already seen! I TOTALLY recommend it to you, love it!

It can’t get any easier

What more do you want, step by step with a video and the recipes

Such great and organized really well

Before you even look at any recipes, the app asks if you’re vegetarian or not, which I incredibly love! But there are countless of recipes you can choose ranging from snacks to fancy dinners. I’ve made so many recipes using this app and they ALWAYS come out delicious. If you also like to look a videos of the recipe, almost every single recipe has a video. Which I also really love. I really recommend this app if you want to learn to cook as well! (:

Why I live he app tasty

I only got this wonderful app about 2 weeks ago and I have already baked 7 yummy deserts and Cooked 7 yummy meals! This is so helpful and fun to watch I totally recommend purchasing this amazing app titled Tasty!

Trouble with notifications

Every time I click on the notification it never takes me to what the notification says

Deleted, moral issues.

Love the idea of the app, being able to see recipes made step by step. Interesting and unique recipes too! That's why it gets the 3 stars. Deleted because they decided to feature a recipe supporting gay pride. It was such a appealing recipe too, but they had to add the "pride" tag at the end of it. I don't support that. Sad to have to see the Tasty app go, but my morals are worth more than some trendy recipes.

Visual Life Saver

All my life I hated to cook because instructions didn’t register. Tasty’s visual step-by-step video turns the confusion to no-brained awesome and inspiring! Thank you!! My chef husband thanks you!

Love this app

It helps me out sooooo much


This has so many great recipes and I can find something new everyday!

Amazing food!

These recipes are amazing and also risk taking, but I love how you use different Ingredients in all of your recipes!You also have all different sorts of food and that makes your app so interesting!

Best app ever

I 100% love this app it’s the best thing ever and all of the meals and desserts are so pretty and i love to watch them and some of them are so fun to make and some a a bit harder but I 100% love this app


Awesome recipes that are quick , and taste delicious!!!

Five Stars

The app is wonderful and I have already made many recipes from it

Get this App!!!!!!!

At first I really didn’t like this app, but now I realized that I can MAKE these recipes that I love! So I recommend I get this app. It will change you baking and cooking live. 🥗🍲🍤🥠🍦🍭🍪🌰🍬🥧🍢🍙🍛🥘🥫🍣🍚🍡🍰🍰🥜🥜


The best food app ever


Love love this app. The fact you can watch the video of how to make it is what makes this so great.🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗🤗🤗🤗😁😁😁😁🤩

Improvements for voice over users

Great app could use a few navigation headings for voice over


It’s an amazing app download it if you haven’t already 🤗

Love love love

This is my favorite app

i love this app i could pee myself

i love this app very much


I always needed a few more recipes around the house, I just never knew what to cooks I’ve been looking through the site for a while now and found everything from potatoes to noodles. Great recipes and easy dinners.

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