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I like the app, and I’d like it even more if I was able to save my recipes. It will not let me log on to Facebook so I can save them!! So annoying

Best app ever!

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for this!


This app is awesome! The videos are fun and relaxing to watch, and the recipes are great! I like how they have different categories on the main page of the app, but I would like to see a “picked for you” category, based on the videos that you watch and save. I know this would take some effort, but it would make the app so much better. Overall, this is a really great app!

Great App! But cannot save recipes

I really like using this app. It has saved me many nights with creative dinner ideas. The only thing I do not like is that I cannot save recipes without a Facebook account.

Absolutely in love!

Tasty is very easy to follow, with easy step by step instructions. Many of my dishes come from this app! Recommend to any beginner, intermediate, expert cooker!

Needs small update

I love this app but I’d like to see one more addition. I want to be able to export my ingredients list into my Reminders app because that’s where my grocery list is. Exporting it to Notes doesn’t allow the “check off as completed” option that the Reminders App has, which is perfect for grocery shopping.


One of the best apps I’ve ever gotten

One suggestion...

I love Tasty! It makes learning to cook very easy, but I think there should be another filter in the settings for those who are allergic to nuts. It would be easier to look for recipes without nuts and I could really use this because there is someone that I know that cannot have nuts. If you can do that thank you, but if you’re not reading these reviews than I cannot thank you. Again I love the app and I hope whoever is in charge of improving the app reads this.

Saving Recipes

I'm the next update could you add a different way to save recipes that you like. I don't have a Facebook so I can't save no recipes but o want to, so maybe log in with google or something.

Easy and tasty recipes

I live alone but these recipes are so easy I do them for myself. I don’t look on line any more for recipes!

Good app, lousy move

Forcing Facebook integration to save your favorite recipes is uncalled for and unwanted.

Love Tasty, Hate the App

I love every single tasty video. I seriously could watch them for hours at night and feel like I am about to be Gordon Ramsey in the morning or something. My issue is that the app layout is awful. You have to click through every video, when it would be so much more convenient to have them play through, in the same style that Facebook lets you do half of the time. That way, I don’t have to decide which one I want to watch and stay active on the page. I can just watch through them easily and get great ideas. It would make so much more sense.

App is super easy!!

I love the app so much! I just wish you could sign in on their website and see your saved recipes.


love the fresh fruit sushi especially😋👌❤️

Great app. Really needs a proper iPad version

I use the iPad quite a bit while cooking and wish this app was formatted for that. Also a way to export the recipes or a way to leave personal notes on them for timing and order.


I’m not a very good cook but this app is amazing and gives me hope!! 😂😂


Love love love this app, followed them on facebook for a while and this app makes it so convenient and easy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just an idea!!

Add some Spanish dishes 😩🙏🏽

Amazing App.

Very helpful and innovative, not to mention their easiness and great taste. If you can just add some data on calories content for diet watchers.

Love the app and recipes, but one suggestion...

I am a faithful Tasty follower and have made so many recipes from this app! I love having the ability to save my favorites, and see the ingredients list, as well as the types out instructions (in addition to the video, or course!) One suggestion that I would make would be to add a 5 or 10-second rewind button, in case I missed something in the video. The scroll bar is incredibly fussy and difficult to use with the iPhone in portrait orientation... I often have to go all the way back to the beginning because it’s easier to simply rewatch the video than it is to pinpoint where I need to go back to... Other than that, keep the recipes coming!!


I am learning new recipes after being kitchen bored for years!!!

Life saver

Such a great way to grab a quick dinner idea

Cooking is WAY TOO FUN!!

Now here’s an app to cook with! Compared to another app, names unmentioned, this is so fun, easy and better to use and understand!!! Thank you for giving a new adventure of cooking with no hassles! 😃❤️😋

I’m not on Facebook so.......

I can’t sign in to save recipes. Makes the app useless. Shame because it seems like a good app. Why no normal sign in?

Love the recipes but it doesn’t save my login

It really is wonderful to be able to save my favorite tasty recipes, and the “export ingredients” feature is nice. However, in the latest version it doesn’t remember my login and I have to log in every time I open the app. (It also happens if I go to another app and then come right back to it.) That gets old after a while.

Best thing EVER!! 💁🏾‍♀️

What is the best thing you can say about this app? Exactly!! That.. Wow this is awesome 👏🏾

Awesome, but a suggestion

There should be a way to record if you have actually made it or not. For your own personal benefit. Also record substitutions that could either be personal or for everyone to see.

Sign in

I think this app is great but, I gave it a 1 star because the only way to sign in is through Facebook and I don’t have Facebook. You should make it to where you could sign in other ways.

So good

I convinced my sister to let me bake the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and she loved it..... this was my very first time baking and it tasted pretty good.

Best Food Ingredients

Very helpful, Easy to make.

Love it 😍

I use this app with my 10-year-old niece and we love it because the recipes are Really good and easy to follow

Good but..

Great app, but there should definitely be a way where you can make an account like you can on the buzzfeed app, or even connect it with your buzzfeed login. For those of us who don’t have facebooks..

Better ingredients list

I absolutely love this app! I’ve made so many great recipes from it and everyone has enjoyed every single one them! However, if you do get this app, you need to write down the list of ingredients from the VIDEO rather than just the list. For the bourbon balls, it never even listed the bourbon or corn syrup for ingredients. And there’s a few differences between how they are the ingredients while watching the video as opposed to how it’s listed. But other than that it’s an incredible app and I absolutely love it. Just need to get the videos and the list synced up better.

Good recipes

Lots for everyone


Makes cooking fun and enjoyable


This app is amazing! I love the step by step mode and if you’re a visual learner this app is definitely for you. It comes with everything you need to know to cook a delicious meal.

Love the videos, love the app

Honestly, no complaints. I’ve tried a number of recipes and my kids have done quite as few as well. Love the videos with the actual recipe below. Easy to gather/prep and easy to remember the visual instructions!

I Love tasty

It helps me be more adventurous with my dishes


I love that it’s easy meals to cook step by step and there is so many!!

So good

Fun pass time

I like it but....

I like it but the point that I have to sign in with Facebook is annoying and dumb. Not everybody who eats and cooks gets on Facebook. I want to learn to cook and that Facebook login doesn't make anything better. You could get way more account created when you log in different ways.

So convenient!

This app makes my life so much easier it has so many recipes to choose from!

Freaking Awesone App

I love Tasty App!! It allows me to dream, recreate, tweak, sever, and more importantly make memories with Loves ones over a common interest...FOOD!!

Awesome food app!

I love not only the quick, easy and unique recipes but the step by step videos that are sped up to go along with the whole cooking process. Sometimes when reading a recipe and doing it your unsure how it should look in any step of the process and this really helps! Keep it up Tasty!

Streaming videos

Am I the only person who wants an option to binge-watch random recipes? That's my favorite part. There should be a randomizer binge button.

Love the app & recipe ideas

I wish you could save the recipes to specific categories rather than jumbling them all together. That's my only complaint. It would make things a lot easier to find that I've saved for breakfast, or dinner/slow cooker meals. Etc

So Awsome!!

I loooove this app! The images are always super clear and (look) super easy! Big shout out to the producers, chefs, camera crew and everyone else involved! Keep it up!

Great cooking app!!

Not only does it have videos to show you, but it has delicious suggestions and has exactly what I'm looking for.

Best App!!

I’m totally obsessed with this app!!!! It’s awesome! I’ve told so many people about it!! It’s THE BEST!!!!

No Facebook!

I love your app and would give a better rating if not for the promotion of FB. Have had FB in the past and won’t go back! Please provide another sign in option for those of us who do not have time for the FB drama, please! We just want food!

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