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So happy with this app!

It is great no wonder NOBODY put 2 or 3 stars this is amazing! But could you guys give some more choices of what meals to take of instead of just vegetarians. Thanks


Love this app. Everything is pretty easy and love the video that shows how to make things

Great App!!

I love this app! I use it for all my cooking and the recipes are easy to follow and turn out great. It has really allowed me to explore different foods and cuisines. It would be nice to have a section in the recipe where people can rate the recipe, comment on how the food turned out, and include tips and suggestions they used or would use next time to make it even better.


I love this app! It's helpful and I love the videos. It's a great addition and a move vivid and cool way to showing a recipe!

Great App!

Tasty is such a great app! I find most recipes on here and they come out really good! At one point I quit Tasty because the recipes went too fast and messed me up (on YouTube), but I came back to it and the app was much better with the step-by/step mode. Thank you Buzzfeed!

Cooking made easy!

This is the best APP ever!! It’s got the best meals and covers everything on the menu! Tasty has saved my life for every meal!


Love this go to recipe app. So Quick easy and great tasting !!!!!

Mostly great

This app is mostly great. The only problem is you need a Facebook to save recipes. There should be a way to save favorite recipes for people who don’t have Facebook

iPad app needed

This app is great, it's really easy to navigate. I absolutely love it. I would really appreciate an iPad app, though. It's possible to use the iPhone version of the app but there's no way to make my iPad stand so I can easily look at the recipes while I cook. You know, #firstworldproblems. It would be really cool to have a menu or list with categories, as opposed to just having random categories on the app's homepage.

I have been waiting for this

Originally I would run back-and-forth between my laptop and the stove then I migrated to trying to use my tablet without destroying it but now that I have this app on my phone it is amazing and easy. I can honestly say this is the most productive app I have ever had.

More login options

I don't have Facebook and I'm not interested in getting a Facebook account. Please make more options for logging in so I can save recipes. I love this app and I want to keep recipes because I cook ALOT. Please fix this

Loveee it!

I have tried 1 recipients from this app and it was delicious!! Most importantly the instructions were easy and simple to understand .

I love this app!

Thank you so much for fixing this to where the videos don’t skip anymore! I use this app all the time to make new recipes because I love to cook. It also helps me find new healthy ways of eating.


I love this app and I’m telling everyone I know about it!! Makes cooking and baking so much easier.

Not working

The app on the iPhone 6s Plus is still not working

Love the Tasty app

Easy and convenient to use. Now instead of having my laptop on the counter in my kitchen while I am cooking I have my iPhone on the counter. It takes up much less room and the instructions and video are so easy to see and follow. I am finding myself cooking a lot more since I downloaded this app.


Informational and helpful video tutorials with amazing recipes. There is a great variety of recipes


I'm very impressed with this app! There's SO many recipes to chose from!


I love the fact that i can literally type in what I’m in the mood for or even future meals and it’s all right there


I have literally been trying to organize my Tasty videos that I love so much just like this. Why did I just keep ignoring the "download the app!" messages at the end of every video?! I am officially an idiot. Love this app and I can't wait to try cooking some of these!!

Love It

Great Quick Videos giving you and idea of every step great recipes and pictures love the ❤️ save feature easy access

Facebook only

I seem to like the app but the only way to save a recipe is to link to fb I don’t like fb and don’t use fb so this app has become useless to me ... maybe I can print the recipe


Fun!! Tons of great ideas!

This app is great!!

Great for last minute ideas and meal prep.

So convenient

I love that it gives you the option to add the ingredient list to your phone notes! Makes it so much easier for Shopping. And the recipes are so “Tasty”. Haven’t had a bad recipe yet

Love it!!

I love tasty! Thank you so much for this app!

Other Means of Sign Up

I don’t have Facebook and I really want to save recipes :( please fix

Great but...

Love the add to favorites option, but the back button never works which is super frustrating. Otherwise my mark would be much higher

Best cooking Recipes ever

This is the best thing that ever happened to me since I love cook so much ❤️❤️❤️

Love this app!

What do I love? The search and save capability, the easy demos and instructions, and most of all the great recipes! Thanks!

Great app ... need another way to join

Great app ....all tried recipes are awesome . Can't join since don't do FB pls create another way


I love the easy way you show in your videos. It really invite to try.

Made easy

All the recipes are eady to make enjoy watching vidz

I like the app but...

I like the app for ideas, but I don’t have a Facebook; therefore, I can’t save recipes I want to cook later under the favorites. So disappointing.

Please add nutrition macros!

This app is amazing, but I would love it if it included at least the calories. It would be best if it included fat, carbs, and protein info too.

Tasty review

Amazing ways to make food and many other thing love it!


Makes it easy for me to make vegan foods without the long list of ingredients and minus the hours in the kitchen.

I can now feed myself!

I was a slave to take-out, fast food, and the occasional meal at my friends-who-can-cook homes. If I had to feed myself, I dined on cereal, cold sandwiches, and a bag of cookies. I tried cookbooks for beginners, but even the basic instructions confused me: sauté? how brown is brown when browning garlic? I need pots AND pans? I was pathetic. But now, thanks to the fabulous people at Tasty, I am achieving proper adulthood. I love the videos! I love the recipes! I love the special diet searches! Bravo! Thank you, Tasty! I am coming back for seconds...and thirds...and fourths. Y’all should get raises.

Great App

I love the app, but I had to give it a four star because I think it is unfair that I have to log into Facebook to save the recipes I would like to try. I am one of the few people in the world that don’t have a Facebook. Tasty, should at least give the option to sign in using our email address.

Love this app but hate forced use of Facebook

I love this app because I am an adventurous cook who loves to find different things to make for my family HOWEVER, I am unable to save recipes because I refuse to create a Facebook account. I am hoping this is rectified so that I can change the rating of my review or I will delete and use other options to locate recipes! ✌🏾

Life Changing

Everything I’ve tried has been outstanding!!

Love it!

Really love the app. Wish there was a way people come write comments about what recipes they tried and maybe suggest different ways or different measurements. Other than that it’s great! I love the recipes.

I love Tasty!

For a couple of years now I have been saving and posting Tasty recipes on my Facebook page. I am so excited to have the app so now I have all my Tasty videos in one place!


I love the app, but I think it should have comments for each recipe on for tips from other users who have attempted the recipe and what not.

Best best best!!!!

It’s really helping me figure out how to nourish my body’s needs (as I am a vegetarian) and have fun while doing it. Woo hoo!!!

Awesome app!

Yummy recipes, excellent categories and organization, and quick little vids to see how to make it. What more can you ask for? My new go to for quick weeknight dinners, indulging on the weekends, and everything in between. Nicely done!

Love it

Been cooking with this app and we love it.


I love this app and I made a tons of things that taste great and are easy to make, but every time there’s an update all the things that I favorited always gets erased. If this can be fixed that would be great but other than that great app 👌❤️


I think this app should do better and add healiher recipes.


Love this app!! It would be nice if nutritional information was available for the recipes.

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